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Learn how to surf and paddleboard:

How to stand up on your surfboard

How to paddle on your surfboard

How to turn on your surfboard

How to put on the gas and brakes

All the safety rules

Where to find surf breaks

How to pick the best waves for surfing

Which weather and tides are best

How to choose the right surfboard

Easy ways to paddle out

The right way to paddle our safely

How to identify the best take off spot

Prices are per person ask about our group discounts.

Surf Lessons 

1 Hour $80

2 Hours $120

Surf Class

2 hours $60

Six weeks $199

Surf Camp Year Round

One day $120

1/2 day $80

5 days $450

Surfboard Rentals

2 hours $25

All Day  $40 ( 8 hours)

Overnight $50 ( 24 hours)

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

2 hours $120

Stand Up Paddleboard rentals

2 hours $35

All Day $50

Overnight $60


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